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The RiffTrax gang is taking on a classic Doctor Who special

Doctor Who: The Five Doctors

As reported by IGN, the RiffTrax crew is taking a new special to theaters, but in a rare move, the thing they’re going to be poking fun at isn’t actually a movie. Instead, it will be the classic 1983 Doctor Who event The Five Doctors, which (sort of) included appearances from all five incarnations of the immortal-ish Time Lord that had appeared on TV up to that point. The RiffTrax commentary is being sponsored by Fathom Events and BBC America—making this a semi-official riffing on Doctor Who—and you’ll be able to see it in theaters on August 17 and August 24.

Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett from RiffTrax have even recorded a short teaser/commercial for their event that sees them broadcasting from inside the “actual” TARDIS:


Tickets will be on sale on April 14, and you can find more information at this page.

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