(Photo: Rob Verhorst/Getty Images)

Not long after the death of Prince transformed the entire musical landscape into a sea of mourning fans and heartfelt tribute performances, his old backing band The Revolution announced that they’d be holding a series of concerts in his honor. The first of those shows happened last night, with the band’s members descending upon Minneapolis’ First Avenue club, the site of most of the action in Purple Rain.

And while The Revolution will not be televised, it will be Instagrammed. And so you can see clips below of the band playing “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Little Red Corvette,” and a number of other Prince songs, including an appearance by R&B star Bilal on “The Beautiful Ones.” And if the performances don’t have the same electricity or passion as they would have had with Prince at the front of the band—because really, how the hell could they?—the crowd still seems pretty into the band’s musical memorial to its former leader.


[via Pitchfork]