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Since 1972, the mysterious art-collective and avant-garde group known as The Residents has released dozens of singles and albums, beginning with its first, "Santa Dog." Now, to celebrate its 40th anniversary, the band is releasing a massive and extremely limited-edition box set—as in, there are only 10 in existence—inexplicably housed in a 28 cubic-foot refrigerator. Costing a paltry $100,000, The Ultimate Box Set contains over 100 Residents products, including "563 songs…40 vinyl LPs, 50 CDs, and dozens of singles, EPs, DVDs, and CD-ROMs plus other releases." Also included in the refrigerator is an authentic helmet from the band's famous "eyeball in a top hat" costumes.

Even though the band's members have remained nameless throughout their decades-long career, a parody infomercial starring Residents frontman "Randy" was released to explain The Ultimate Box Set. Dressed in a pretty disturbing Santa Claus costume, "Randy" gives a thorough but unsettling tour of the box set and all the goodies inside.


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