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The Republican Presidential Debate, but as a dog show

For several hours last week, the 10 people leading in the Republican Primaries vied for attention and screen time. The posturing and preening was pretty far from Presidential, which is made all the more evident with this mashup video that features visuals from Thursday’s debate and audio from the 2015 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

While it’s a pretty funny juxtapostion to hear the commentators talk about the “cute faces” of competitors while panning the debators, the real stroke of genius here is replacing the voices of the candidates with barking. It’s a great commentary on the tactic of being the loudest voice in the room (in related news, Donald Trump had 53 percent more screen time than the average).


Actual 2015 “Best in Show” winner Miss P looks like kind of a blowhard, too.

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