The Reptilian (Photo courtesy of Community Records)

Kalamazoo, Michigan’s The Reptilian is a band that beats the odds. It’s been around for eight years—making it an elder in in the screamo genre—and has found ways to mature its sound on every release without losing its bite. On September 16, the band will release End Paths on both Skeletal Lightning and Community Records, and it’s the most refined album by The Reptilian to date. In many ways, it feels akin to Loma Prieta’s Self Portrait, as it takes The Reptilian’s math-rock inclinations and giving them a fresh new shine. “Fold And Follow” might be the prettiest song the band’s ever written, recalling the likes of Explosions In The Sky while still feeling like The Reptilian. End Paths is the sound of The Reptilian pushing hard into new realms, and finding itself in the process.

Pre-orders for End Paths are available now through Skeletal Lightning and Community Records, as well as I.Corrupt.Records in Europe.