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The remote possibility of Royal Trux ever reuniting just became a reality

In a 2012 interview with Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema, the former couple whose band Royal Trux broke up around the same time they did, the odds of the group ever reuniting were bleak, to put it mildly. “It will never happen,” said Hagerty, “It is just too depressing.” Today in reason #400,000,012 as to why you should never say never, Pitchfork reports that the band is getting back together for a one-off show.

Royal Trux is reuniting for a performance at the Berserktown II festival, which will take place in Los Angeles on August 16. Both of the members have gone on to record other work released by Drag City—Hagerty under his own name and The Howling Hex, Herrema as RTX and Black Bananas—but this will be the first time the two have performed together as Royal Trux since 2001. There’s no word yet on any additional plans, but Hagerty doesn’t seem to be saying “never” quite yet.

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