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The recognizable heroes are all getting used up, so Marvel might make an Eternals movie

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Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige doesn’t want to talk about the future of the MCU, but that hasn’t stopped a few websites from throwing deep-cut Marvel references at him in hopes of getting their favorite obscure or semi-obscure characters into a movie. First up is The Wrap, which got Feige to say that one of the comic book properties that Marvel Studios is “actively beginning to have creative discussions about” is the Eternals, a group of space people created by Jack Kirby in the ‘70s. The Eternals are a lot like the Inhumans, except one of them is the father of Thanos and they have the ability to mash their bodies together into a giant brain monster.

It’s worth noting that Feige definitely did not say that an Eternals movie is in development, just that he’s sort of considering it, but the obscurity of the characters would give Marvel Studios a chance to do some X-Men-ish stuff without having to go back to the pit it tossed the Inhumans into. Speaking of things that are sort of being considered: Screen Rant got Feige to acknowledge the existence of Moon Knight, a character that Marvel fans say is like a better version of Batman even though he’s not. Feige says that it’s possible that Moon Knight could come to the MCU, but he has no idea when it might happen (if it happens at all), so it’s way too early to say that he’s getting a movie.

If it seems odd for Marvel to be vaguely considering movies about these characters that aren’t quite at the same level as current MCU superstars Captain America and Iron Man, then it should be encouraging to hear that Marvel might still be thinking about a solo Black Widow movie as well. According to the unnamed sources of That Hashtag Show, Marvel is developing a Black Widow movie that will take place before her initial appearance in Iron Man 2 and that a still-brainwashed Winter Soldier might make an appearance. That seems more like wishful thinking than even a rumor, though, so there’s a good chance that the Eternals movie will happen before this timeline-breaking Black Widow prequel.


Of course, Feige did just say that refuses to talk about any future Marvel movies until next year, so maybe none of these will ever happen.

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