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Illustration for article titled The reckoning is upon us as Netflix green-lights iThe Punisher/i spin-off

There is just the teeniest of Daredevil spoilers below, so read at your own peril.


Showing the same kind of excitement as comic-book fans, Netflix was so geeked about Jon Bernthal joining Daredevil as Frank Castle a.k.a The Punisher for season two that it began developing a spin-off back in January, two months before the battle for Hell’s Kitchen broke out on laptops everywhere. Now according to Entertainment Weekly, the streaming company has officially green-lit the series, with Bernthal set to reprise the titular role. And just in time, since the Punisher already burned down his house and seemingly scrapped his Castle identity for good—if it weren’t for his own series, he might end up having to crash with Foggy.

Netflix also announced that Hannibals Steve Lightfoot will serve as showrunner, which suggests the Punisher hasn’t even begun to mete out his justice. This spin-off makes for the sixth Marvel series on Netflix or, as it may soon be known, Marvel’s Netflix (we kid, sort of).

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