Although the proliferation of drunk-ass people doing dumbass things across the whole of reality television—including MTV’s own Jersey Shore—seems to have made its very existence redundant, The Real World has just been renewed for two more seasons of people who stop getting polite and start getting “real” in gigantic, ironic air quotes. Do you feel insanely old today? How about considering that the deal extends to The Real World’s 28th season? That’s right: 28 whole seasons of exponentially increasing idiotic behavior and contrived conflicts, and 28 seasons of show creator Jonathan Murray saying stuff like, “The Real World has remained relevant for 25 seasons because it continues to capture the lives of young adults, hold a mirror to the challenges they face, and truly reflect the current generation” with a straight face, even though he knows the show hasn’t done anything close to that ever since they stopped making the kids get jobs and just wheeled in a freshly restocked wet bar. Anyway, hopefully The Real World will continue to thrive well into the future, when they can stage a season half-loaded with androids, as well as a sheltered Midwestern girl whose blithe ignorance won’t allow her to get into the plasma tub (or whatever) with them, because she’s deathly afraid of catching “android AIDS.”