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The 34th annual Razzie Awards were held this Saturday at a shared office space on Hollywood Boulevard, with a ceremony as irrelevant as the nominees themselves. None of the “winners” showed up this year, making the big story of the night Adam Sandler’s fall from Razzies grace.

Long the Razzie’s favorite punching bag, Sandler and his Grown Ups 2 compatriots left emptyhanded this year despite receiving nine nominations. So if even the Razzies are tired of making fun of Adam Sandler, who will they target in between shamelessly name-dropping the tabloid flavor of the month and nominating Tyler Perry for Worst Actress? (Get it? He’s a guy! In a dress!) The answer this year was Jaden Smith, who received two Razzies, one for Worst Actor and another for Worst Screen Combo. Jaden shares the latter award with his father, Will Smith, who also “won” the award for Worst Supporting Actor.


From making fun of an aging clown to making fun of a child, it’s the circle of Razzies life. The full list of “winners” is below.

Worst Picture: Movie 43

Worst Actor: Jaden Smith, After Earth

Worst Actress: Tyler Perry, A Madea Christmas

Worst Supporting Actor: Will Smith, After Earth

Worst Supporting Actress: Kim Kardashian, Tyler Perry’s Temptation

Worst Screen Combo: Jaden Smith & Will Smith, After Earth

Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel: The Lone Ranger

Worst Director: The 13 directors of Movie 43

Worst Screenplay: The 19 screenwriters of Movie 43

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