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The race to turn every movie into a TV show finally reaches Frequency

After announcing TV show adaptations of Limitless, Rush Hour, Minority Report, Hitch, The Illusionist, and Monster-In-Law, the networks have officially reached the last remaining movie that has yet to become a TV show: Frequency, the 2000 sci-fi thriller that starred Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel as a father and son who communicate with each other through time with a magic radio. Quaid played a firefighter who died 30 years in the past, but thanks to Caviezel’s future knowledge, he was able to escape the situation that killed him. Unfortunately, this created an alternate universe in which his wife—Caviezel’s mom—was murdered and Caviezel’s girlfriend has no idea who he is. In other words, he had to go through a bunch of terrible shit just because he wanted to do something nice for his dad, which is a theme that would pop up again later in his acting career.

The Hollywood Reporter Hollywood reports that NBC is developing the Frequency series with the help of Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver and original director Toby Emmerich, and unless THR got the character descriptions backwards, it sounds like the TV show version will actually flip the storyline around a little bit. Apparently, the series will focus on a dad who gets messages from his son 30 years in the future, instead of a son who sends messages to his dad 30 years in the past. Nobody listens to the radio anymore, though, so they’ll probably have to update that to something more modern like Twitter or a podcast. Actually, a podcast that’s set 30 years in the future and is hosted by your own son sounds really awesome. Don’t steal that idea, NBC. We’re going to turn it into the next Serial.


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