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The Queer Eye guys are going to Japan

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Having already brought style, friendship, and an almost terrifying amount of raw, uncut adorability to most of Georgia (and a healthy bit of Wales), Netflix’s Fab Five are now bringing their particular brand of unrelenting life positivity to Japan. Deadline reports that Queer Eye will soon be headed across the Pacific in order to let Antoni, Tan, Karamo, Bobby, and Jonathan unleash joyful self-care on the unwitting Japanese people, via a series of four special episodes of the show that will air after its third season premiere.


The Queer Eye revival has been a massive success over the last few years, presumably because there’s a sort of depressing novelty in the idea of having a bunch of people show up and convince you that everything is actually going to be okay. The show’s recent second season relaxed its previous “for the straight guy” formula, recognizing that there are a lot of people out there, regardless of identity, who need a professional pep talk from a roving horde of solidly good guys right now.

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