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The Purge TV series to focus on all the other, non-Purge days of the year

Photo: Universal Pictures

Like a Halloween movie that takes place on Christmas or an episode of WKRP In Cincinnati set in St. Louis, Blumhouse chief Jason Blum has announced that the upcoming TV adaptation of The Purge franchise will focus on all the other, non-Purge days of the year. Blum took the stage at the NBC/Universal upfront presentation today to tease a show dramatizing “what happens the other 364 days a year,” asking, “how does this awful law affect America the rest of the time?”

Blum added that the show is being made concurrently with the fourth film in the series, something that “as far as we know, we don’t think [has] ever been done before.” The series, which was first announced last fall, is being produced by the successful horror studio’s own newly launched TV branch. James DeMonaco, who directed the first three Purge movies and is currently writing the fourth, says he’s hoping for a 10-hour anthology format for the first season, which is being developed for USA and Syfy.


[Additional reporting by Esther Zuckerman]

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