Once more turning its innocent idea loose to be ravaged in a now-annual ritual, Universal has announced a third Purge movie to come from the Blumhouse production company (which has engaged in similar yearly bleedings of its Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Sinister franchises). Writer-director James DeMonaco is set to return to draft a follow-up to this year’s The Purge: Anarchy, which expanded on the original film’s premise of the one night a year when murder is legal by daring to ask whether audiences might want to spend it somewhere besides Ethan Hawke’s house. They responded in the relatively profitable affirmative, with the sequel garnering more money, better reviews, and way more viral threats of “real-life Purges” that your mom freaked out about on Facebook.

As of now, it’s unknown how exactly DeMonaco plans for The Purge: Still Purgin’ to widen the Purge universe a second time. But considering the exponential difference in distance covered between the first two movies, perhaps in this one the Purgers can take to the seas and purge us up a few hundred fish. Then it’s back to Marty’s place for his annual Post-Purge Fish Fry Binge. It almost makes all that murder worth it!