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The public wants Immortal Technique to throw Lin-Manuel Miranda in a trash can again

Photo: Amanda Edwards/Getty

Yesterday, news got out that Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda was “terrorized” in high school by the grizzly-ass Harlem rapper Immortal Technique. In a new episode of WTF With Marc Maron, Miranda detailed how the rapper had a reputation for throwing kids in the garbage. “I got thrown in the garbage by him,” the Pulitzer-winning writer said.

There’s something uniquely appropriate about this image. As Spin noted in their original story yesterday:

Rightfully or not, Miranda and his beloved, expensive hip-hop musical have become punching bags this year for leftist critics, a cultural stand-in for the kind of moneyed, clueless liberalism that now seems powerless in the face of Donald Trump. (…) Immortal Technique is a crusty socialist rapper who gives interviews about Hugo Chavez, and rails against the drug war and the Patriot Act in some of his best-known songs. The image of Immortal Tech literally throwing Lin-Manuel into the garbage is sort of a perfect crystallization of the fighting that consumed the Democratic Party and the left in 2016.


As with anything perfect, the internet would like to see it again. A Change.org petition to “Get Immortal Technique To Throw Lin-Manuel Miranda In The Trash Can Again” has been started, and, while it has not yet reached 200 signatures, it’s only a matter of time. Miranda and Hamilton seem to encapsulate all the triteness of the liberal establishment, at least according to the petition’s comments:


No word yet on whether Miranda and Immortal Tech will listen to the will of the people here, but it’s worth a shot. The healing process has to start somewhere, and that may as well be a garbage can.

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