TV’s Property Brothers have gone country. Drew and Jonathan Scott, hosts of HGTV’s hit show Property Brothers (among others), have just released their first country single. “Hold On” is currently sitting at No. 38 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and marks the Canadian twins’ first foray into open-concept country. The track—which has been streamed over a million times in the U.S. in the past week alone—is fairly generic, not unlike a dated ’80s ranch house the brothers would have vaulted the ceiling on, cost and electrical issues be damned. Propped up against an on-brand rustic barn for much of the clip, the Scotts semi-satisfactorily croon about “coming home,” all the while maintaining a casual stance. Jonathan’s thumbs are jammed in his pockets in lieu of his tool belt as a vest-clad Drew strums an acoustic guitar, no doubt breezily thinking about deal negotiations and his interest in medieval weaponry. That shot is interspersed with shots of bland happy families riding around in cars smiling at each other while a suburban mom and her two kids welcome home their unnamed daddy in an airport, making the video the visual equivalent of the Scotts’ mildly charming but eminently unthreatening existence.