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Illustration for article titled The promo for Comedy Central’si /iJustin Bieber roast languidly pelts him with eggs

The Comedy Central Roast Of Justin Bieber is set to air March 30 on Comedy Central, hosted by Bieber’s very good friend Kevin Hart. To celebrate, the network is airing spots that feature the Canadian pop singer being pelted with eggs. But despite the promo idea probably sounding great in the writer’s room, the execution gets bogged down by lingering slow-motion, an excess of body oil, and a lack of frozen eggs.

Ostensibly a celebration of Bieber’s 21st birthday, the roast also represents America’s long-simmering frustration with the worst thing to cross the Canadian border since arctic cold fronts. Bieber spent much of 2014 trying to show how grown-up he is. The guerrilla PR campaign involved a series of stunts, including egging his neighbor’s home, drunkenly drag racing on the Miami Beach strip, getting into fights at Dave & Buster’s, and acting like a brat when confronted with any wrongdoings. Bieber then followed in the footsteps of former child music prodigy Marky Mark by professionally parading around in his underwear.


Meanwhile, Bieber’s actual PR team has been securing spots on Ellen and issuing tweets that prove the Biebster totally gets the joke (that he’s an insufferable, infantile ass). All of this has culminated in his forthcoming Comedy Central Roast, where Bieber can finally prove his maturity and self-awareness by subjecting himself to the comedic blast furnace of network-approved zingers.

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