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The Prometheus teaser: Ridley Scott's alien movie that's not officially an Alien movie

Illustration for article titled The emPrometheus/em teaser: Ridley Scotts alien movie thats not officially an emAlien/em movie

After more than a year of rumors and discussion, weeks of leaked footage and other assorted heartbreaks for Fox’s Tom Rothman, and several days worth of trailers for the trailer, it’s safe to say that the Internet is slightly interested in checking out Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, his sort-of-but-not-really prequel to Alien. And we could have another one of those discussions about how Damon Lindelof’s story idea started out that way before taking its own turn into original territory, or about how the director, cast, and studio executives all seem to have varying degrees of opinion on just how much Prometheus relates to the Alien world, or relate the now-obligatory “maybe 5 percent” and “strands of Alien DNA” talking points. But why bother when the Prometheus teaser stands so well on its own, giving us jarring glimpses of a doomed crew of space explorers—led by a tough female heroine—as they find themselves stranded, vulnerable to a group of mysterious otherworldly beings. And then, some of them suddenly get attacked in the face. In short, it looks a lot like Alien—but we never said that would be a bad thing.


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