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The producers of Entourage are making an HBO comedy about a radio show host

Obviously, HBO’s Entourage is one of the most-loved TV shows of all time—it’d have to be, or else giving it a movie wouldn’t make any sense. However, despite all of its great triumphs, the show always seemed to be missing something. Like, maybe each week on the show, they should’ve chosen a theme, and then brought different kinds of stories on that theme, Ira Glass-style. Well, that’s exactly what the producers of Entourage are doing for their next HBO comedy. OK, not exactly. OK, not at all, but sort of. We’ll explain after the break. Stay with us.

So the Entourage people are, sadly, not making a TV show about Ira Glass and all of his cool friends doing cool stuff in whatever the radio equivalent of Hollywood is, but they are making a show about a guy who hosts a radio show. Deadline says that Ally Musika, Stephen Levinson, and Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg are teaming up for Hyena, a series inspired by hip-hop radio host Jude Angelini’s autobiography of the same name. The book “chronicles his journey from growing up in a factory town outside of Detroit and explores drugs, sex, and the human condition.” So maybe it won’t be too different from This American Life after all?


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