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The Procatinator makes procatinating 100 percent easier

We here at The A.V. Club would never say you should spend all of your time at work procrastinating, even though by visiting this site, you probably are, unless you work here or are keeping an eye on us for nefarious government purposes, but we're 100 percent in favor of you "procatinating." What's procatinating, you ask? Why, it's a series of endlessly looping animated images of cats, set to carefully curated music drawn from YouTube. Just going to the main site will result in a random cat, but you can also link to specific favorites. We're partial to Godfather cat, Macarena cat, and a very special Internet cat superstar in the role he was born to play, set to the music he was born to play that role to. (You will understand why we're being coy in just a bit.) Be patient with these. They can take a while to load, but they're absolutely worth it. (A tip of the hat to Twitter user @diannapevensie.)


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