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The presaged Minority Report series picks up Stark Sands, Meagan Good

Illustration for article titled The presagedi Minority Report/i series picks up Stark Sands, Meagan Good

As it was foretold by The A.V. Club’s Precogs, a Minority Report TV show is in the works at Fox. The show will be a sequel to the original movie, set 10 years after Tom Cruise finds his wife and saves both the past and the future at once, or something. Now the series has found its leads: Stark Sands (Inside Llewyn Davis) will play both of the male Precog twins from the film, but primarily one of them who gets tired of his skin pruning in the bath, so he dries off and tries to live a normal life only to find that he can’t shake those damn premonitions. Meagan Good will star as a detective “haunted by her past” who might just be able to put that foresight to good use. For the sake of variety, it’d be interesting if she also turned out to be some kind of sports gambling addict, but that would be foolish. Precogs only have time to torture themselves with devastating visions of assault and murder, not to consider questionable play calls that will result in the death of a Seahawks fan—wait.


Daniel London will reprise his role from the film as Wally The Caretaker, the man who watched over the Precogs’ bathtime to make sure Mr. Bubble levels were always at equilibrium. Li Jun Li and Laura Regan round out the cast, with Max Borenstein writing the script and executive producing alongside Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank. Kevin Falls (The West Wing) will serve as showrunner, and no, Tom Cruise is not currently set to appear at any point. Those bald, bloated seers would have said something by now.

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