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The Predator cast models casual outerwear in first official photo

Photo: Shane Black / Twitter

Predator movies are all about human badasses and intergalactic badasses hunting each other in swampy climates, which we guess is why something seems a little off in the first cast photo from Shane Black’s upcoming fourth film in the franchise, The Predator. Granted, it’s the first day of shooting, so co-stars Sterling K. Brown, Trevante Rhodes, Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, and Keegan-Michael Key haven’t had time to get their costumes muddy as of yet. But this first official photo, tweeted out by Black earlier this morning, has a distinctive “Gap ad with guns” vibe. Even Black feels compelled to name them as beautiful people first, and killers second:


The presence of Jacob Tremblay, slouching and looking adorable in a yellow hoodie, further softens the image, although Jacob Tremblay would look cute doing just about anything. We’ll see if that rule applies to screaming and running away when The Predator opens in theaters next February.

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