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The power of Christ compels Lee Daniels to direct a possession movie

Lee Daniels has found his next picture. The director of Precious, The Paperboy and Lee Daniels’ The Butler will helm Demon House, according to Deadline. A true story of demonic possession (provided you believe demonic possession is real), Demon House will tell the story of the Ammons family, which experienced strange, unpleasant activities in its Gary, Indiana home for more than two years.

Events were witnessed by police, hospital staff and the Department of Child Services. Cited phenomena ranged from “easily explainable” (flies swarming, basement creaks) to “pretty weird” (growling and choking) to “it’s time to move” (kids levitating and gliding across walls and ceilings). Psychological exams could not explain the underlying cause for the activities, probably because demons are immune to psychological exams.


Detailed coverage of the actual Ammons family ordeal can be found at the Indy Star.

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