As the cast of Randall Miller’s CBGB slowly began to fill out with the likes of Malin Akerman, Justin Bartha, and Rupert Grint stepping in for Debbie Harry, Stiv Bators, and Cheetah Chrome, respectively, a certain cynical quadrant began griping prematurely that the film might be a crass, Rock Of Ages-style Hollywood cash-in on the club that epitomized punk credibility for about 10 years, before becoming a crass New York cash-in.

But now here’s the movie poster to assuage those fears, capturing the spirit of CBGB as everyone remembers it: A wacky cartoon full of lovable, irrepressible knuckleheads like Iggy Pop, as played by Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins, uttering his familiar catchphrase, “Lick my stomach!” as he would sometimes say in response to a proffered blowjob, like Yogi Bear crowing over a "pic-a-nic basket." And then there’s Akerman’s Debbie Harry musing, “I wish I had invented sex…” as she once did in an old Cosmopolitan interview and then forever after, because that’s how she let people know she was Debbie Harry. And finally, there’s everyone’s favorite legend of the punk scene, the CBGB Dog, whose bark of “Woof my ass!” handily sums up the attitude of both club and film. So don’t worry, everyone.


[via Village Voice]