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The Police Academy cast’s next assignment is fighting giant, fire-breathing spiders

Reteaming for their most outlandish movie premise since that of ordinary citizens being put on patrol, Police Academy stars Steve Guttenberg, Leslie Easterbrook, and Michael Winslow have reportedly joined the cast of Syfy’s Lavalantula, a movie that, as you can tell by its title and tagline (“Fire Burns… Lava Bites”), is all about the human spirit. Specifically, the human spirit in the face of enormous, lava-spewing tarantulas, which attack Los Angeles for the same reason that everyone does: jealousy.


Lavalantula will be directed by Mike Mendez, who has some previous experience in the giant-spiders-attacking-L.A. genre thanks to his work on 2013’s Big Ass Spider!, and who will attempt to avoid falling into a creative rut by working with the cast of Police Academy. They’ll be joined by Young And The Restless star Nia Peeples and L.A. radio personality and celebrity impressionist Ralph Garman, who will presumably combine his talents with Michael “Motormouth Jones” Winslow to convince the spiders that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimi Hendrix have just arrived in a helicopter with a robot army, terrifying them into returning to their spider volcano or whatever.

Lavalantula will premiere next summer, when it will serve as another depressing reminder that David Graf and Bubba Smith died too soon.

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