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The Point Break remake's search for Johnny Utah catches its first tube

Last month it was announced that Gerard Butler would once again pick up sports equipment to star in the remake of Point Break, arguably the greatest, most profound movie about picking up sports equipment ever made. But while Butler’s chemistry with sporting goods made him an obvious choice to assume Patrick Swayze’s role as Bodhi, guru of philosophy and parkour in this “extreme sports” update of the semi-classic, one immediately wondered who could possibly do justice to Johnny Utah, Bodhi’s pursuer in matters both criminal and confusingly platonic? Indeed, who could possibly assume a role that has been so indelibly portrayed by Keanu Reeves and anyone—literally, anyone—who attends a performance of Point Break Live?

Into that acting lineage of Reeves and random tourists steps Luke Bracey, another Australian actor from the country’s secret action star breeding program. Bracey was most famously seen—yet not heard—in G.I. Joe: Retaliation as Cobra Commander, making him ideal for a role defined primarily by silent, open-mouthed reactions to things.  With the leads set, the Point Break remake is now due to begin production in the summer, on its way to angering you whenever you confuse it for the original in your cable listings.


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