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It’s been nearly two long years since we first learned of plans to remake Point Break—years we’ve spent only living to get radical, secure in knowing that news of its further development would someday roll in like the next tasty, symbolic wave. Today’s that day, with the announcement that Ericson Core, director and No. 1 trainer-recommended abdominal machine, has been hired to bring the film’s “Zen meditation on testosterone-fueled action and manhood” into the 21st century, where both the manhood and the meditation are far more extreme and possibly also involve parkour.

As previously reported, the film will once again find an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a criminal ring set inside the world of “international extreme sports”—sports that are no longer limited to just surfing, though surfing will remain “very, very prominent,” so as to justify keeping the title. Core’s sole feature directing credit is the 2006 Mark Wahlberg movie Invincible (which similarly used the sport of football as a Zen meditation on how football is hard), though he’s also credited as a cinematographer on The Fast And The Furious, so he already has experience working on a Point Break remake.


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