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Illustration for article titled The Pogues Shane MacGowan seeking dental help so that he can star in Hollywood film

The Pogues’ Shane MacGowan has long been famous for his teeth or, rather, for the lack thereof. A lifetime of drinking, drugging, and smoking has resulted in the loss of literally all the frontman’s teeth, but he’s taken to Twitter to find a dentist to give him a new smile.


MacGowan has worn dentures since the removal of his last two teeth in 2009, but he’s recently gave up wearing them. Instead, according to his girlfriend, Victoria Mary Clarke, he’s now seeking someone to build him a new smile, one that can help him “star in Hollywood film,” which is apparently a thing that could happen. Clarke says she’s had offers from a number of well-meaning dentists who also happen to be Pogues fans, but that the duo are still evaluating who they want to work with. Of course, she says, “Shane promises to do [an] advertising campaign for the winning dentist,” for what that’s worth.

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