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The "please give me $1 million" guy got $1 million

UPDATE: Read the below post, then head on over to Newswire where Sean O'Neal has a follow-up chat with the newly minted millionaire.

Remember Craig Rowin, the comedian who wanted $1 million and decided, hey, why not simply ask for the money? Well, ask and ye shall receive, my friend. Ask and ye shall receive:

Yes, that's right. Some millionaire (who sounded vaguely Australian for the first few seconds of that voicemail) has agreed to give Rowin $1 million—even going so far as to send a notarized letter stating as such. Rowin will receive the money at the UCB Theatre in New York on February 2, at a show that, uh, costs $5. Perhaps it's to afford spit-take water for the epic remount of the Rory And Craig Show?

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