Mr. Robot

After a few tense minutes of banging computer keys and shouting “I’m almost in” or “Take down the firewall,” the USA network has managed to upload the pilot for its new hacker drama, Mr. Robot, to YouTube. The show stars Rami Malek as an Anonymous-style hacker vigilante who fights crime by rambling about techno jargon. Eventually he meets Christian Slater, the titular Mr. Robot, who is the leader of a mysterious team of super-hackers. It’ll premiere on old-school TV on June 24, but as we said, the pilot is on YouTube (and we’ve embedded it below).

There’s not much to say beyond that, so let’s skim through this thing and pick out some highlights:

It opens with Malek giving a monologue about rich people destroying the world.


At about 6:36 there’s this cool logo.

This looks like a FaceUnion page from Law & Order at 11:31.


This guy does not look like he approves of hacking at 19:30.

Check out this hacking at 26:40.


There’s a lot of riding the subway on Mr. Robot, as seen here at 34:23.

Hello, Christian Slater (35:38).


A girl in a scarf at 41:21.

Can the FBI solve these hacking mysteries? Or do they need help? (50:42)


New York is pretty cool, guys, especially an hour and two minutes into Mr. Robot.

And here’s the actual thing so you can watch it for yourself: