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The Pet Collective and Tegan And Sara remade the “Closer” video with adorable dogs

Tegan And Sara’s glossy and synth-heavy newest album Heartthrob is still one of the best of the year so far. And first single “Closer” got a delightful video with karaoke singing and spin the bottle. But there’s one thing that could undoubtedly improve any music video: dogs, and lots of 'em. Emerging from a partnership with The Pet Collective, Tegan And Sara’s new video is about as close to a shot-for-shot remake as you can get when wrangling a bunch of different breeds. There’s a recreation of the spin the bottle scene with an adorably sad pug, and even if there’s not a lot of action or clear direction, it’s a catchy song with a bunch of cute little dogs. Only a monster wouldn’t smile at dogs sharing a trampoline.

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