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The People's Choice Awards releases annual list of things people have heard of

Compelled by its twin loves of populism and saying Julia Roberts' name aloud, the 2012 People’s Choice Awards has compiled its annual index of things it could remember off the top of its head, then submitted it to The People, calling upon them to come and exercise their right to democracy in the choosing of names, movies, and TV shows with which they are familiar and think are totally cute and stuff. Unlike awards shows that rely on elitist concepts like “merit,” People’s Choice nominees must only meet the strict criteria of existing—though even by those standards, Community still can’t get nominated for Favorite TV Comedy—in a contest that combines the popularity aspect of a student council election with the “everyone gets a ribbon” philosophy of Field Day, and the inherent meaninglessness of both.

On the other hand, the People’s Choice Award is often the first (and only?) honor a new TV show can receive, even if it’s just been on the air for two episodes, and thus it’s probably way too early to declare that show anyone’s “favorite”—particularly as there’s a chance it won’t even be around when the ceremony finally airs in January. But on the other other hand, Whitney’s got a new accolade for its ads! Anyway, here’s the incredibly long list of what The People must choose—everything from Linkin Park to I Am Number Four to Katy Perry’s performance as “Smurfette”—lest the Choice be made for them.


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