Eastbound & Down

With everything being a sequel or remake these days, it’s comparatively rare that a film gets announced without a detailed plot synopsis attached—or at least a note about what comic book it’s adapting. That’s the situation we’ve found ourselves in with The Legacy Of A Whitetail Deer Hunter, though. Deadline is reporting that the project comes from Rough House, the production company run by Danny McBride, Jody Hill, and David Gordon Green—also known as the folks behind HBO’s Eastbound & Down—and that McBride is set to star in it alongside Josh Brolin. Beyond that, we don’t have any actual details.

However, The A.V. Club’s investigative journalism team is always on call to stick up for you, the reader, whenever needed, so we sent them out to uncover whatever information they could on The Legacy Of A Whitetail Deer Hunter. Basically, we Binged that name and an Amazon listing came up for a hunting DVD called, you guessed it, The Legacy Of A Whitetail Deer Hunter. So what’s the connection between this hunting DVD and the Danny McBride movie? We have no idea. Honestly, we exhausted all of our resources getting this far. Maybe Bing it yourself and get back to us?