Remember the last 12 months or so? They’re back in Peep form. Just before Easter every year, The Washington Post runs the Peeps Diorama Contest, or Peeps Show (involuntary-sneer-inducing pun theirs), calling on readers to submit dioramas that use marshmallow Peeps creatively. This year’s winner among the 419 entries hid 12 camouflaged Peeps in a rustic cabin setting, challenging you to find them all, a la Highlights magazine.

The Post also, however, has a full slideshow of the top 50 contenders, the majority of which run through the last year in news and pop culture, like a modern, Peep-ified version of “We Didn’t Start The Fire” that frequently grinds to an uncomfortable halt (“Left shark / The dress / Ice bucket / ALS … Uh, wait, let me start again. Kim K’s butt / Cumberbatch / Charlie Hebdo / Staff dispatched—agh, dammit!”). There’s also a Peep getting a colonoscopy for some reason.