We’ve now had Lizzy Caplan paired off with both Adam Scott and Martin Starr in upcoming movies, but no more half-measures: This season’s Childrens Hospital will come as close as anyone’s gotten to reuniting the cast of Party Down with an episode titled, fittingly, “Party Down.” As creator Rob Corddry tells Entertainment Weekly, the story will concern Malin Akerman’s Valerie throwing a years-late bar mitzvah for Ken Marino’s Glenn, a catered event that will just happen to bring Marino back in contact with Caplan, Starr, and Ryan Hansen, all of whom Splitsider is reporting will make appearances. And of course, fellow Party Down co-star Megan Mullally is already on the show, playing the mother to Caplan’s character. So it’s missing only Scott to make it complete—and considering he’s already stumped for the show on Twitter, he’s obviously a big fan. If Scott somehow skipped out on doing this, his professing his love for the show will just seem needlessly cruel. [via Flavorwire]