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The Paranormal Activity series will live on as a virtual reality game

Paranormal Activity 4

Much to the chagrin of people who love ghosts, unnecessarily complicated mythology, and constant questions about whether or not this is the one with the haunted Xbox or what, Blumhouse Films will be wrapping up the Paranormal Activity series with its upcoming sequel Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. Befitting something so spooky, though, the series won’t be dead for long. According to Variety, Beast Media Group has just picked up the video game rights to the series, and it will be using them to develop a new virtual reality game that is based on the movies. Except it won’t be based on the actual plot of the movies, as the game will be following a “whole new storyline.”

That makes us wonder what the point is of putting the Paranormal Activity name on something if it doesn’t have a convoluted backstory about a witch grandma and her witch grandma pals, but maybe this virtual reality game will go back to the series’ roots: People putting cameras in their homes in order to capture footage of—ahem—paranormal activity, and then never actually watching the footage until they all get killed by ghosts. Or, since it doesn’t need to use the “found footage” gimmick, it’ll just be you virtually walking around a haunted house—which is even less like the movies.


For high-tech people who know/care about virtual reality stuff, Beast Media says the Paranormal Activity game will be “as agnostic as possible,” so they’re hoping to get it working on all of the major VR devices, “including Oculus, Vive, and Morpheus.” They’ll also put out a non-VR version at some point for all of the luddites stuck in normal reality.

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