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The panels being offered at this Harry Potter convention are intense

Photo: Ollie Millington (Getty Images)

This weekend, Boston will host LeakyCona delightful-looking Harry Potter fan convention celebrating its tenth anniversaryand judging from the itinerary, it’s gonna be one for the books (no pun intended!). They’ve got film actors Dan Fogler and Chris Rankin, the Potter Puppet Pals, numerous podcasters and authors, and even “wizard rock” bands like Harry and the Potters. Wonderful!

As for panel discussions, they’re looking equally fun at first glance. Let’s see here, we’ve got stuff like choosing your own Hogwarts house, examining science within JK Rowling’s magical universe, and *checks schedule* uh, “an analysis of non-popular vocal music in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?”

Screenshot: LeakyCon

Cool, sure, why not? The Harry Potter fan community is largely comprised of adults at this point, so why wouldn’t there be some academic studies thrown in there. Anyway, looks like the Hufflepuff House meetup will be at 12:45 p.m. tomorrow in the amphitheater, but we’ve always considered ourselves more Ravenclaw so we’ll probably just head to this interesting panel entitled “Rape Culture in the Wizarding Worlwait, what.

“The Place of Harry Potter in Current Political Discussions,” “Hufflepuff Self-Care,” “Integrating Harry Potter into Academic Research and Therapeutic Practice,” and a look at wizarding racial purity laws? Holy shit.


Okay, so when are the Potter Puppet Pals signing autographs again? Oh, right after “Harry Potter and the Failing Wizardry Economy?” Jesus Christ.

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