As part of its homage to yesteryear, the Oscars revisited one of its most beloved traditions with a post-ceremony debacle involving Sean Young, who was arrested for trying to crash the Governor’s Ball. The 52-year-old star of Blade Runner and numerous nervous silences was involved in a scuffle with a security guard, leading to her being placed under citizen’s arrest by someone either incredibly brave or under the age of 30 and thus not all that familiar with Sean Young’s capacity for rage, with police eventually booking Young for misdemeanor battery. The incident, of course, served as a nostalgic reminder of past awards show fiascos involving Young, including her trying to crash the Vanity Fair Oscars party in 2006 and her being ejected from the 2008 Directors Guild Awards for drunkenly heckling Julian Schnabel. “Truly it is a night for golden-age Hollywood glamour and classic Sean Young shit-fits,” a nearby Tim Gunn probably said, shortly before a hysterical Sean Young spit in his face.