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The Osbournes variety show coming. Seriously.

What, did everybody get a variety show today? Hot on the heels of the announcement of Elvis Costello's Spectacle comes news of The Osbourne Family Smile-Time Variety Hour [Ed. note: Actual title may contain significantly less Simpsons references] slated to debut with a Christmas special later this year. The show is "envisioned as a throwback to variety classics hosted in the 1970s by Sonny and Cher and by Donny and Marie Osmond," and will reunite the entire Osbourne clan—adorably acid-fried Ozzy, strident Sharon, "adrenaline junkie" Jack, probably contagious Kelly—in a show that "taps into what the Osbournes do best, which is be themselves." Some of the ideas being tossed around are:

"Audience-participation segments, bits pre-taped outside the studio and a mini-game show, as well as musical performances by the Osbournes and guests. Another is a segment dubbed "The Osbournes Meet the Osbournes," in which Ozzy and his bunch would spend time with another family of the same name.

So basically, imagine this, except featuring the singer for Black Sabbath.

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