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The Osbournes to return to television for short, less chaotic update

When it debuted in 2002, The Osbournes quickly became the benchmark for high-profile, celebrity-focused reality shows. Though its initial draw was the look inside the home of heavy metal pioneer Ozzy Osbourne, the hit MTV show quickly made stars out of his wife and manager Sharon, as well as their children, Jack and Kelly. During its four seasons, the family routinely dealt in chaos, fighting with almost everyone they encountered—and often amongst themselves—for all the world to see. Since it went off the air in 2005, a lot has happened, with Ozzy reuniting with Black Sabbath and getting sober, both Sharon and Kelly hosting reality and talk shows, and Jack turning up on Dancing With The Stars and having a child. With all these new developments in the Osbourne clan, the time is now right for them to return to television, to give the masses a look at a slightly less chaotic version of the family.

On The Talk—the roundtable show she co-hosts—Sharon announced that there will soon be new episodes of The Osbournes, allowing for people to catch up on the family’s decade off screen. It’s an idea she claims that Ozzy had, something sparked by his now-sober laments that he wishes he could have done the original show in his cleaned-up state. That desire will now come to fruition—and though Sharon was quick to squash the notion that the series would return for anything more than a limited run, she promises “six to eight episodes,” which will appear on a network yet to be named.


[via Entertainment Weekly]

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