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The original The Fast And The Furious is coming back to theaters

The Fast And The Furious

It’s been 15 years since the original The Fast And The Furious ramped its way into theaters, introducing us all to the world of gravel-throated antihero Dom Toretto and his ludicrous philosophy of doing things one quarter something at a time. (This, despite the first movie in the series being 100 percent Ludacris-free.) Now, six sequels, three good sequels, and every permutation of letters, numbers, and the words “fast” and “furious” later, Universal is bringing the original movie back into theaters, so that we can all remember what the franchise was like before guys like Tyrese Gibson and The Rock fulfilled their dumb action movie destinies by getting involved and livening things up a bit

The Fast And The Furious—a title that now sounds ridiculously formal, by the standards of today—will land in theaters for just one night, Wednesday, June 22, a precision move as carefully planned as the ongoing efforts to keep Michelle Rodriguez’s career afloat. That’s the anniversary of the day the film was released, a landmark day in the linked industries of neon underglows, nitrous oxide, and massive, ridiculous explosions.


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