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The original movie version of Ghost In The Shell is returning to theaters

Ghost In The Shell

Aside from the Major being played by a white woman, it looks like director Rupert Sanders’ upcoming live-action Ghost In The Shell Movie is going to be fairly aesthetically faithful to the original anime film. If “fairly faithful” isn’t good enough for you, though, Funimation Films will be taking advantage of the new film’s hype by re-releasing the Mamoru Oshii-directed original in theaters for a limited run this February. You’ll even be able to choose between screenings with subtitles and screenings with an English dub, depending on if you’re a serious anime fan or some illiterate poser.

This comes from Deadline, which says there will also be a “deluxe Blu-ray and DVD collector’s edition” featuring a remastered version of the old movie, which will be available on March 7. The limited theatrical run will happen in 110 U.S. theaters on February 7 and 8, and you can get more information at this link.


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