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The Opposition is very sorry for irresponsibly accusing Alex Jones of being a crisis actor

It’s hard to find an action more heinous than falsely labeling another person as a crisis actor—i.e., a false flag-waving paid publicity plant at a modern tragedy, invented by right-wing conspiracy enthusiasts as a way to dream away the real victims of school shootings and the like. Tossing that label at an actual victim is a decision bordering on monstrous, which is why Comedy Central’s The Opposition would like to take time out its day to sincerely apologize for some of the things it’s recently said about Infowars host Alex Jones.


The Daily Show follow-up ran a segment tonight all about Jones, who’s currently making a tour of public appearances denying that he ever suggested the kids killed in Newtown or Parkland might have been paid actors, and claiming that accusations that he said those things he said are all part of an effort to curtail his free speech. Confused by this sudden about-face from a man who’s normally willing to stick to his guns until he’s somehow even redder in the face, Opposition correspondent Kobi Libii confronted the “Jones” giving the press conferences, accusing him of being a paid actor merely being employed to provoke an emotional reaction from viewers.

The interaction didn’t go well—force-fed supplements were involved—but Libii eventually saw the error of his ways, issuing repeated, very loud apologies to Jones at another, separate speaking event. That also went poorly, but, hey, at least Libii got confirmation that it was the real Jones: Who else would fail quite so spectacularly to get an ill-conceived “Chuck E. Cheese!” chant mocking Libii off the ground, before having his critics escorted away by security?

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