(Image: Naughty America VR)

Avid gamers will be flocking to Los Angeles in just a couple weeks for E3, the country’s largest video game trade show, where they’ll be treated to sneak peeks at Sony’s PlayStation offerings and a briefing from Xbox. Unfortunately, EA Games is skipping the convention this year, opting to hold its own events in LA and London. But there will still be plenty to gasp over, if Naughty America VR has any say. The purveyors of VR porn, which The A.V. Club sampled at SXSW earlier this year, will have a booth at E3 which will “demo and showcase the latest in adult VR content.”

That will come via Naughty America’s “true 180º stereoscopic 3D,” which provides a “truly immersive” experience, though one that will hopefully ensure that the VR users keep their clothes on while taking it all in. The company even sells a cheap VR headset, for those not willing to invest in a Rift, though Oculus says it’s “open to porn” because it has an “open platform.” (Thanks for writing the jokes for us, Oculus.) So it’s a good thing Nintendo is stepping up its game and will be showing off more than just the new Zelda.


E3 runs from June 14-16, and The A.V. Club will be there, as usual. Gameological will have live chats for the press conferences and coverage throughout the week, which will wrap up with a preview roundup and some superlative articles the following week.

[via IGN]