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The only way out of this game is piece by piece: Slayer debuts pinball app

Slayer is not a band to leave any degenerate corner of the human psyche unexplored. But where do you go after nearly 30 years of screaming about all manner of torture and slaughter? How about turning iPads and iPhones into miniature sacrificial altars with a band-themed pinball game application? "Slayer: Pinball Rocks" debuted this week in the iTunes Store, complete with all the over-the-top dorkery you'd expect from an item of metal-band merch. The voice of bassist-screamer Tom Araya cackles things like "I want blood!" and "multi-ball!" amid realistic flipper-flopping and scoreboard-dinging. As the ball races back and forth across a big pentagram at the center of the table, songs from 2009's A.V. Club-approved album World Painted Blood chug along. Words like "Genocide" and "Agony" trail up and down the table to complete what the band's website calls "a pinball environment straight out of your worst nightmare." It's not very sensitive to those of us who wake up screaming after pinball-themed dreams, but that's the Slayer way.


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