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The only fake We Bought A Zoo Twitter feed you'll ever need

The forthcoming Cameron Crowe film We Bought A Zoo has an official Twitter account that’s so far mostly dedicated to reminding followers that the film will be in theaters on December 23 and replying to users who mention members of the film’s cast on Twitter. (A sample, to a user who referenced liking young star Colin Ford: “LOL! Too funny ;) Are you planning to see Colin in his new movie We Bought A Zoo?”) Much more entertaining, if perhaps destined to be short-lived once 20th Century Fox notices it, is @weboughtaz00, which offers an absurdist take on what the film’s Twitter feed might, and maybe should, look like. Some highlights so far:

What's your favorite Cameron Crowe movie to watch while owning a zoo? Let us know! #ZooCinema

Woke up, cleaned the cages and showed the animals "Elizabethtown" while serving breakfast - it's their favorite movie!



Please don't confuse OUR film with that OTHER Zoo documentary about a guy getting killed by bestiality. Our horses are #familyfriendly.

Check it out while it lasts. With luck the anonymous wit behind this will find another home, and another rich subject, soon.

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