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The Onion's new pilot is available for your free viewing pleasure NOW

Our sister site The Onion has been hard at work piloting a new series for Amazon—one of a whole bunch of pilots that the once-and-future bookseller put into motion recently. Onion News Empire stars Jeffrey Tambor (from, you know, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT) as the top-dog reporter at the Onion News Network, a news empire so huge you can barely see the top of it. (The jokes in the actual show are much better than that.) Amazon is letting viewers decide which of these pilots will go to series, so for God's sake, go let them know how much you want to see more of this one. Go here to watch it—it'll cost you zero dollars, and just 27 minutes of your time. (The Zombieland pilot is there, too, as well as the one with John Goodman as a senator. But watch The Onion's first.)


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