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The Onion shuts down print offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles

This is not the sort of news we like to report, but we’d be remiss to ignore it. The Onion has shut down its print editions—which also included the print content of The A.V. Club and Decider—in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The reason? Pretty simple: an absence of ad revenue. It’s a tough time for print publications of all stripes, and we found that our West Coast operations were not immune to the problem. We on staff have received every assurance that this decision was not made lightly nor is it indicative of any larger problem within the company. The Onion, Onion News Network, The A.V. Club, and Decider continue to grow and expand in other areas, with ONN recently winning a Peabody, The Onion and Onion Radio News winning a pair of Webbys just today—The A.V. Club was also an honoree in the film category—and projects on the horizon for all branches that we have yet to announce. Nonetheless, we’ll miss our San Francisco and L.A. print readers and hope they continue to read us online—and sf.decider.com and la.decider.com will continue as well.


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