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The Onion just released 700 pages of Trump leaks

Photo: Getty / Pool

Leaks have always been a part of American politics, but they’ve become an increasingly essential part of the way we get news about the Trump administration. They’re a function of government employees exasperated by the Trump team’s woeful incompetence as well as the antagonistic attitude of Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, and Kellyanne Conway toward the public’s right to information. If you ask Fox News, of course, leaks are the only story that matter—much more important than the information actually being leaked. We’re increasingly used to poring over uploaded PDFs of confidential documents, scouring them for any mention of, say, a presidential candidate hiring Russian sex workers to piss on a bed for him.

Our colleagues at The Onion have taken on this burgeoning evolution in media consumption with a characteristically absurdist 700-page leak called The Trump Documents. The mixture of internal memos, emails, and scanned documents is organized by by figures and organizations—Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner, the EPA—but, really, your best bet is to just pick something and get lost in it. (Okay, one pointer: Make time for the Homeland Security Presentation On Reinstating Torture, which is much more Lovecraftian than you’re probably expecting.)


For a guided tour of the revelations, check out the video below:

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