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The Onion is heading to the Republican National Convention

Donald Trump, preparing for his big moment in The Onion spotlight

Not content to let amateurs like Stephen Colbert have all the fun at the Republican National Convention, America’s Finest News Source (and The A.V. Club’s sister site) The Onion is currently packing up the party bus and heading out to Cleveland to rage like only a bunch of comedy writers can. Starting tonight, our correspondents will be bringing you live streaming video from the convention floor, immeasurably improving all the big RNC speeches with running commentary from The Onion. We’ll also be bringing you “the speeches that you won’t be seeing on any other news outlet’s coverage—the speeches that the CNNs of the world are afraid to cover,” starting tomorrow. (Your aunt in Missoula won’t be able to tell if they’re real, in other words.)

The Onion’s RNC coverage will run from July 18 (that’s tonight!) through July 21. You can find it on The Onion’s homepage, as well as its YouTube and Facebook pages.


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